Wait is over! Maintenance is done for iOS




  • Testy Tony

    Your compensation sucks! You should’ve given us a free new character that was guaranteed no one has. Instead you give one of the most common characters most people have. In other words, I didn’t get a damn thing for compensation!

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  • Ryan cuda

    I agree Jago what a total slap in the face to all your players! Here’s a free card you already own and oops sorry you missed out on everything else sucks to be you! F.. you guys!

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  • Matulaboola

    You guys know game currency, value and demand. More so the effort a single day can yield on growth. Your reward was 100% vulgar mockery. You know this, and your prose to the community in the email body was snide sarcasm. Who’s running this business a 5th grader?

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