Mad Mayhem Character Event



  • Symphily

    Hi Meowbacca, for the Mad Mike event you'll need to unlock at least 5 filthy characters (e.g., Sewer Sue, Richie Retch, Sickie Vickie, Sweaty Betty, Smelly Sally, Junkfood John, Vile Kyle). When you enter, there will be 7 tiers or stages - one for each * level. So, for example, to get access to the T5 match in the Mad Mike event you'll need 5 filthy characters at 5*, and for T7 you'll need 5 at 7*.


    To unlock Mike you'll need to complete the first 5 tiers. Rewards for tiers 6 and 7 will get you a 7* Mad Mike.


    The events cycle, so you'll see this one again. If you make good progress this time you can edge closer next time it's offered in a few weeks.


    Hope that helps! :D

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  • Meowbacca

    Okay thanks that is helpful.  Only 1 Filthy character for me right now, but it's something to work towards for next time.



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  • Fuppetmucker

    Events right now feature Filthy, Brawler, Nuts, or Dolts. So if you’re gonna focus on something to get the most bang for your buck I’d filter filthy brawler nuts. Hah.
    The Dolts event is arguably the least important so the more you can focus on these the better. That said, you gotta do some dolts too to open nodes.

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