Arena Update - Refresh time and tries per day changing!

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  • Symphily

    Will be interesting to see how the shift in reset time impacts participation in Arena ... since the tweaks to scoring I dunno that the reset time has been much of an issue, but šŸ¤·ā€ā™‚ļø

    As for moving to 10 matches a day, woo - does that mean the new max will be 1000 pts?

    More matches ... maybe also some more diversity in rewards for Arena? šŸ¤”

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  • Ringo76

    The times are now way more favourable for players in the US than other parts of the world.

    Iā€™m in the UK and I could have got up normally and played until 8am but now it will finish at 5am, it will be interesting to see if the changes make any difference but being outside of the US is a big disadvantage

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  • Aaron (GPK Producer)

    Ringo76, we do have a lot more US players, so it made sense to move the time so that our east coast players didn't have to be up at 3 a.m. to get their last battles in. In an ideal world we could actually split players by region or timezone, but the game just isn't big enough to support that right now. Sorry.

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