Adherence to Apple's Guidelines



  • Lost

    I would love to know the odds of things. For the Cauldon Of Coins, it says 1.19M to 3.57M. In my experience, it's usually around 1.6M, and I've never been over ~2.2M. Better yet, the Dolts/Nuts pack, it says 10-330 tokens. I've bought a dozen or so of these, and the highest I've got was 15, but it's usually 10 or 12. No where near 330.

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  • Symphily

    This alert was posted 9+ days ago and there has been no follow-up. Apple makes it pretty easy to report apps in violation of it's guidelines, though ...

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  • Fat Lenny

    So when will we see the percentages for the packs in store?

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