GPK October Update: Trick or Trash!



  • Tony Luzzi

    Thanks for the update!

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  • Garbage Day

    Whoa, you guys keep cranking these out at full speed. We're finally getting number 1! Fantastic character selection altogether. I'm diggin it! I don't see the the Daily Ooze though... is that happening after the Oddball Onslaught?

    While I understand wanting to keep us at a 690 ally token daily max, what about the ability to set up a respectful decline message for future ally requests? The main impetus is to keep the message box clear. I also miss having a way to offset the occasional ally who doesn't play every single day, but I digress.

    Adam's base attack is still pretty weak, but the buffs on his specials are noticeable. Of course there's always room for more buffing as far as he's concerned. Can we get his Atomic Blast to hit harder than Brainy Jainie's Brain Blast?

    I'm definitely feeling festive with this new content guys and gals, there's always something new to look forward to. Thanks again!

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  • Testy Tony

    This was a great collection of cards! My only disappointment is that you guys went with Nasty Nick over Evil Eddie. I’ve always thought that his 1b name was the superior name, but marketing keeps using the 1a name, so no real surprise. I just hope one day we can have option to switch names from a to b or vise versa. It also looks like it’s going to be a pain in the ass to get as we didn’t even get an event to unlock him. I just hope if it does come, it’s with using the Spooky characters to fight with as mine are ready to battle.

    As with Adam Bomb, it a disappointment that he’s still weak as Hell, but I already found a couple of replacements for him in my deck to use in Worm Wars. They’re just not as strong, but can get the job done.

    Thanks for increasing that Damn button size for Allies! That was pain in the ass to deal with. Although I didn’t know about the removing and adding allies glitch until recently when I removed a couple of inactive players for more active ones, I never really abused it as I like the group that I got. I only remove if they miss a couple of days as that lessens my ability to collect tokens, so as long as they’re active, I’ll keep them.

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  • Ringo76

    It's good to get some things fixed, like the Allies button and the right number of available fights under nut fights etc (even if I only noticed it was updated in the previous update) as it's now showing 300 out of 300.

    But can you please change the Bazaar to have the the available tokens all the time, instead of alternating every hour, as there is the space for it but it is very frustrating when you have the tokens and character available but are unable to spend them. As they don't change every hour, as Albert Alien and Prancing Penny seem to only be available once every 4 to 5 hours.

    As for Adam Bomb well he still is under powered and was a waste of time collecting him.

    Just hope Nasty Nick and Pink Lemon Nadine are available to actually play for, instead of paying for.

    As the whole point of this game is to play, otherwise it's just for those that can afford them.

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  • Oliver

    Excellent update, lots of fun! Thanks to the team for that. Looking forward to whatever “daily ooze” might be exactly too.

    Pink LN and NN are the only 2 that I have remaining, I’m really hoping for an event for both of them as well as for Phone Homer, he’s been stagnant since his intro event and I’d like to finally wrap him up

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  • Trey C.

    Loving the update, this is amazing! Thank you for listening to the community!

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