GPK Surprise September Update : A Fiery Night to remember!


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  • Testy Tony

    Wow! I just unlocked Luke Warm yesterday and he has to be your laziest creation yet. I’ve always hated reskins, but at least you changed them enough to be different, but never for the better, the original ones are still better: Mad Mike > Val N. Tine, Mean Gene > Snapped Santa, Prickly Rick > Christmas Carol, etc., but this time it was a literal color swap and name change and that’s it. Luke Warm has the exact same moves as Hot Scott and it took you guys 2 months to come up with that! If that’s what you mean by new characters every patch, then that is weak and you shouldn’t even bother. I don’t doubt people would rather have completely new characters. You literally have thousands of characters to choose from and all you can come up with is a color swap. That’s just lazy.

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